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At Havas Media, we invest in the media that matters. We know where to find the most meaningful media using our unique Mx system. We build a Media Experience (Mx) that connects a client to their target audience - in the context of where they are, through the content they pay attention to. Because we believe that more meaningful media can help build more meaningful brands.


E-Commerce Launch

Following the launch of Swarovski's e-commerce site, the brand's challenge was to raise awareness of the online store and build user confidence in buying jewelry online.

The strategy for this objective was 100% focused on generating qualified traffic that would lead to transactions on the site. For this, we used mailing resources, dynamic creatives and prospecting + retargeting of audiences, and programmatic purchase of Google searches with degraded structure to incremental transactions.

Thanks to the connection established between Analytics and AdWords accounts, the creation of segments and the use of audiences within SEM campaigns, Google Ads contributed 24% of the transactions and 26% of the revenue generated. These efforts resulted in the brand being ranked #1 in Mexico in the User Behavior Analysis (UBA) ranking, increasing online sales by 323% and the conversion rate by 648%.


Cinema Is For Everyone

All people are welcome at the cinema. Everyone, regardless of their origin, orientation, color, sex and religion.

For that reason, Pride Day turned out to be the ideal opportunity to remember it, so together with Cinépolis we took advantage of the colors of the posters of several movies to make the different flags of the LGBT+ community with the message "THE CINEMA IS FOR EVERYONE".

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